Constructions built at Cantercel have each been the occasion of experiences :
for establishing a dialogue between inside and outside.
• of self building and sharing knowledge
• of utilizing timber structure techniques
of manipulating synthetic materials : organic glass and technical textiles
• of evaluating where construction costs are flexible
• of confirming needs and comforts through use of the place throughout the seasons and over several years
The Studio : textil roof
« Maison Horizon » : polycarbonate canopy
« Maison Arborescence » :a circular plan
« Gîte l’Oreillette » : straw insulation
« Le Refuge » : minimum habitat
The Manual Workshop : wood and textil
Light Structures

Constructions built beyond Cantercel have also represented experiences

  • of exchange and collaborative conception with future dwellers
  • of project assembly with costs, administration and varied contexts
  • of cooperation with teams of craftsmen in favour of exploring the uncommon

Autoconstruction, autofinition :
House at Paris
Wood house near a lake
Double artist studio
artist studio in a warehouse
renovation of a mulch
wood and straw structure
renovation of a farm

Gîtes and Guest Houses
« Les Castels de Sorgues » : bioclimatic house
« La Maison du Caillou » : energy of the place

Maisons familiales
House with metallic structure
Storey house
Ecological house
Terraces in waterfall
Rurality for tomorrow

Living together, facilities, improvements and urbanism
Shop at Fumel in a shopping center
Rehabilitation of a post office
Rehabilitation of a rectory in appartments

Millau Study Site
Bossieu Study Site